In a world where growth at all costs and “all-in”, bold leadership is valued in business, John Childs offers an opposing view for how to approach strategic decision making through an iterative process of strategic hypothesis testing.

A West Point graduate, Army war veteran, UCLA Anderson School of Management graduate, and former member of the successful startup Honest Company’s Operations Strategy team, John has a unique and diverse perspective on strategy formulation and execution from a number of disciplines.

Using four case studies covering business and war, John offers a unique perspective in strategy development in a book that is applicable to managers of all levels, especially in those in hyper-growth scenarios where big, systemic decisions need to be made with a deliberate and decisive yet measured approach.


From The BoOK on target canada's failures

What we learn from these examples is that often when jumping “all-in” too early there are often too many problems that plague an organization to surmount and, thus, a choice to retreat is favorable than pushing forward, whereas a more gradual approach would allow for the tackling of one problem at a time and present a more clear picture of the road ahead.