In Minimum Viable Strategy the concept of One-Way versus Two-Way Door Decisions is discussed in the chapter on Leadership.  We’ve added a module to our Leadership Lessons section of the site covering this topic, which adds additional color not reflected in the book.  We hope you enjoy the recent addition.


– John C.




What Type of Lessons Are You Covering?

We dive into leadership lessons and skills, strategic constructs, and skills necessary to make sound strategic decisions within organizations and organizational strategic thinking.

What case studies do you cover?

We dive into the Target Canada Launch, Lego, the decision by FDR to launch Operation Torch, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and other case studies where important go/no-go decisions were made or not made, what the consequences were, and how that relates to the Minimum Viable Strategy decision making process.

How Often Do You Update the Reading List?

We try to add a new book every month. We are constantly reading new literature, but not all are worth sharing on the site. Some books are classics (worth re-sharing) while others are new releases that have an important message to convey to strategists.