Based on our experience with the Conscious Capitalism movement, we are taking similar principles and applying them to what we term the Conscious Writing initiative at Minimum Viable Strategy.

While Conscious businesses serve higher purposes that and integrate the interests of their major stakeholders (suppliers, customers, team members, community), Conscious writers take the same approach by helping both their readers and their community by serving a higher purpose than writing a book for either strictly self-promotion.

Therefore, for every copy of the book sold, one dollar will be donated to UNICEF Education Programs.  Few things are more important in life than being granted the opportunity for a quality education.

While some programs have focused on donating books to children, we believe it’s more important to give to programs that address the core of development issues.

By partnering with UNICEF, we are striving towards achieving that goal for those who are exposed to the greatest level of need.  Writing is as much about education and learning as anything else, and it is fitting that through writing we can work together with UNICEF to achieve better outcomes for those who need our assistance.